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ApexWay portátil batería para Asus A32-F82 A32-F52 k70 p50ij X70ab X70ac X70ij X70ic X8a L0690L6 L0A2016 70NLF1B2000Y 90NLF1BZ000Y

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ApexWay portátil batería para Asus A32-F82 A32-F52 k70 p50ij X70ab X70ac X70ij X70ic X8a L0690L6 L0A2016 70NLF1B2000Y 90NLF1BZ000Y

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X70F K40EA PRO65 X70I K40ES PRO66 X70IC K40ET PRO79 X70ID K40I PRO88 X70IJ K40ID PRO8B X70IL K40IE PRO8BC X70IO K40IJ PRO8BI X70IS K40IL PRO8BID X70K K40IN PRO8BIE X70Kr K40IP PRO8BIJ X70L K40N PRO8BIL X70S K40S PRO8BIN X70Se K40lJ PRO8BIP X70Sr K40lN PRO8D X70Z K50 Pro5CQ X87 K50A Pro5DA X87E K50AB Pro5DAB X87Q K50AD Pro5DAD X8A K50AE Pro5DAF X8AA K50AF Pro5DC X8AAB K50C Pro5DI X8AAD K50E Pro5DID X8AAF K50I Pro5DIE X8AE K50ID Pro5DIJ X8AEA K50IE Pro5DIL X8AI K50IJ Pro5DIN X8AID K50IL Pro5DIP X8AIE K50IN Pro5EA X8AIJ K50IP Pro5EAC X8AIL K50X Pro5EAE X8AIN montaje k51 Pro5JI X8AIP K51A Pro5JIJ X8AS K51AB Pro66I X8B K51AC Pro66IC X8BJ K51AE Pro79A X8BJT K51E Pro79AB X8BV K51EA Pro79AC X8BVT K51I Pro79AD X8C K51IO Pro79AE X8D K51X Pro79AF X8DI K51XA Pro79I X8DIJ K51XI Pro79IC X8EJ K60 Pro79ID X8EJQ K60IJ Pro79IJ X8EJV K60IL Pro79IO X8S K60IN Pro88Q K61 Pro8DI K61I Pro8DIJ K61IC X5A K61L X5AV K61LC X5AVC K6C11 X5AVn K70 X5C K7010 X5CQ K7010-A1 X5D K70A X5DA K70AB X5DAB K70AC X5DAD K70AD X5DAFK70AE X5DC K70AF X5DE K70AS X5DI K70AS-X2A X5DID K70I X5DIE K70IC X5DIJ K70ID X5DIL K70IJ X5DIN K70IL X5DIP K70IO X5DX K70Y K70YD K70YT

Batería del ordenador portátil puede reemplazar a los siguientes números de parte:

Para Asus 07G016AP1875 70NLF1B2000Y 90-NLF1B2000Z 70-NLF1B2000Y 70NLF1B2000Z 90-NLF1BZ000Y 70-NLF1B2000Z 90-NLF1B2000Y 90-NLF1BZ000Z 90NLF1B2000Y 90NLF1BZ000Z L0690L6 90NLF1B2000Z A32-F52 L0A2016 90NLF1BZ000Y A32-F82

Batería del ordenador portátil también compatible con los siguientes modelos:

Para Asus A41 P50 X5E A41I P50I X5EA A41ID P50IJ X5EAC A41IE P50U X5EAE A41IN P81 X5J F52 P81I X5JI F52A P81IJ X5JIJ F52Q PR05C X5JX F82 PR05D X65 F82A PR05E X66 F82Q PR05J X66I K40 PR065 X66IC K401J-E1 PR066 X70 K40A PR079 X70A K40AB PR088 X70AB K40AC PR08D X70AC K40AD PR08S X70AD K40AE PRO5C X70AE K40AF PRO5D X70AF K40C PRO5E X70E K40E PRO5J

  • El Voltaje De La Batería: 11.1 V or 10.8 V
  • Número De Modelo: F82 K40 de 6 celdas
  • Nombre De La Marca: ApexWay
  • Tipo de: Li-ion
  • Paquete: Sí
  • Origen: CN(Origen)
  • Marca Compatible: Asus
  • Celdas De La Batería: 6 Células

2020-10-06 Packed in antistatic and carton. Came a whole, everything works well. Shipping fast. Seller recommend.
5/ 5 stars
2020-08-18 держит 40 мин интенсивной работы
4/ 5 stars
2020-12-20 Battery working! How much charge did not check, I will add a review later
5/ 5 stars
2020-11-03 Everything works, in aida64 shows the percentage of wear 1%, I recommend the seller!
5/ 5 stars
2020-10-28 The battery is full of shit, the charge holds 2 times less than the original. After three times of use, the capacity fell by 10%. I think he'll live for half a year. If the original held a charge of 3 years and costs 800 rubles more. I don't see the point of taking this... but.
1/ 5 stars
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